98 books in 98 days …

When I checked my book stats on Friday, I had sold 98 books. That’s 98 books in 98 days since releasing CAIRNAERIE. YAY! HOORAY! YIPEE!

This morning came 99 and number 100 is coming. I wish I could thank the person who will put me over the top and help me hit this very significant milestone, but suffice to say I am extremely grateful.

Writing a book and mustering the gumption to self-publish is daunting. Even when you are all finished, when the book is wrapped and delivered, there is still plenty of doubt. Is it good enough? Is it worthy to buy push ads? Is it significant enough that I can walk around saying, “I’m a novelist?”

Closing in on 100 books sold helps a lot!

In the meantime, I’ll keep hoping and watching my stats. And I’ll keep writing.

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