Cue the planets …

Like most of the rest of the country, I’m getting ready to watch what’s been dubbed The Great American Solar Eclipse. My deck — and my schedule — are clear for the afternoon. I was going to employ a colander to watch the event, but alas, mine has square not round holes and whoever heard of a square sun.

I have my umbrella up and my interior lights off. My stereo is cued up. Drama, you know, requires music.

I’ve seen it before, this frenzy over an astronomical event. I remember the last solar eclipse. There were the same discussions and cautions about viewing. Back in the day, though, some said you could stack up lots of pieces of camera film and view the eclipse safely. This time around — and especially with the advent of all-knowing social media — we are more knowledgeable about viewing and safety.

I’m a couple hundred miles as the crow flies from the line of total darkness. A month ago, though, I was traveling in three of those lucky states. Bad timing.

Still, it will be fun — this event that should remind us all how small we are and how vast the universe is. For me, it’s the matchless power of God on public display. Who else, what else could darken the whole world in a single day?

And I’m ready. One deck. One bright sky. One umbrella to protect me. One glass of wine (maybe two). Ready to go. Cue the music — The Planets by Gustav Holtz. What else?


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