Hello, Mr. Goodreads …

My friend, Andrea, suggested I join Goodreads. I knew something about the book site but not much. Given that it’s all about books, though, I took her advice and checked it out.

Now I’m a huge fan.

Goodreads was intimidating at first—the way just about any social media platform can be—to me at least, as a non-millennial. But I was determined to figure it out,  so I grit my teeth and waded in.

I am finding my way around the Goodreads universe. In fact, it’s becoming an adventure in discovery.

What is most intimidating about it is the sheer volume of material and opportunities. As an author, I’ve managed to set up my profile and add my book, which in a few short weeks has garnered more than a few ratings and some lovely reviews. I’ve managed to link it to my Facebook page and make a friend who like me shares a name with a famous person—which is another post for another day.

Much of what I have accomplished on Goodreads came about with the very quick and able help of a Goodreads expert named Vernice. She not only answered my questions, but she handled an item I couldn’t figure out. She also made me feel as if I were being invited to join a very nice club with very nice people. (Note to social media: Any platform with good customer service is one I can recommend.)

As a reader, I’ve taken absolute delight in sharing with the Goodreads world some of the books I have loved. Anyone who knows me knows I can go on and on—and on and on and on—about books that I love. (Those who know me best are nodding and smiling.)

What’s clear to me is that I still have a lot to learn about Goodreads, but I am determined to stay at it.

So, hello, Mr. Goodreads. Nice to meet you. And thanks, Andrea and Vernice!


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