And here it is …

For more than a decade I’ve tinkered with a book. The title has changed. The main characters’ names have changed. The plot has changed. But finally, it is finished. Now, at long last, I’ve published it. And here it is …

FLEURINGALA, a novel that opens in Southwestern Virginia on the cusp of 1940, is the story of a young girl abandoned by her no-count mother. The girl, Ruby Glory, and her faithful dog Arly live alone in a rundown shack on the outskirts of Lauderville. Then along comes Tack Pittman, the son of a prominent family. Seeing Ruby’s circumstance, Tack is compelled to help the child—only to stir up the disapproval of his small town’s upper crust by associating with “those kinds of people.” The consequences are harsh and immediate. What ensues is a fight for Ruby and an unplanned adventure where the two mismatched friends discover that wonder still exists and that life still has surprises in store for them.

If you enjoyed CAIRNAERIE, my first novel, I invite you to try this new story. It’s available now on Amazon, both in print and as an e-book

And if you do read it, I am eager to hear what you think. Chime in here, on Facebook, or on Goodreads.

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